Amalia Laghi -Restaurant & cafè

“Amalia Laghi ” is located in Pontedera in front of the Braccini lake. It is without any doubt one of the best places to have dinner and spend time fo430510_179268275509680_956768365_nr a drink with your friends, thanks to the renowned location and  their contemporary restaurant decor.

It is advisable in the summer season when the temperature is good for relaxing on the outdoor sofas.

You can also rent an umbrella and a beach lounger for the whole day at 18€.

The speciality dish of the restaurant is the filet dressed with mushrooms or other types of sauces. I totally recommend it !

For more information:

Telephone: 393 952 0114

Facebook :

Opening of Amalia Cafè:1908353_461587770611061_8246696713402480306_n monday- friday: 18:00-23:00 /   weekend:12:00-24:00

Opening of Amalia Restaurant: monday-saturday: 20:00-  23:00   /  sunday: 12:30-23:00


The White Night in Pontedera

The White Night in Pontedera is an events organized by the municipality and the shop-owners of Pontedera which takes place every year in early September. Each year the traders and the municipality welcome many visitors from the neighboring cities.

This event is very interesting because every store which participates in the event is open until late at night and this is very nice especially for young people.

Traders are able to create a more exciting atmosphere every year. There are concerts, mini markets, demonstrations of dancing and singing.

Every year more and more people are participating in this event where you can see real live concerts, which you obviously do not have to pay for.

We can reach Pontedera by car, bus or train, but it is recommended to arrive early to be able to park your car near the centre or to enjoy a meal with friends. But don’t worry because in Pontedera there is also a free shuttle service!

I like this event because every year I can see how much effort traders put in the details.

  The course of Pontedera 

The handwheel of the White Night

A concert in Pontedera

Chinese restaurant “La felicità” (Pontedera)

Yesterday i went to the Chinese restaurant,”La felicità”, with a friend of mine. The staff was very helpful, funny and the service was quick. The dining area is traditional and welcoming. There are many designs of dragons carved in wood. The food is delicious and traditional. Yesterday i had “spring rolls” and “seafood rice dumplings”. The atmosphere is relaxing and perfect and they are reasonably prices. We enjoyed it and i have recommended it to many people.