Rioni of Peccioli

In Peccioli, a small village in Tuscany, every Saturday of September the “Rioni” take place. On Saturdays there is a party in a different neighborhood, where you can try typical foods, that have been prepared in the various roads of the neighborhood from 7 p.m . For the rest of the evening there is entertainment in the various squares and roads of the village, with music and snacks. Fun is insured both for adults, young people and children.

The calendar of the local parties 2014:
Saturday September 6 th: Party of the “Rione Borgherucci” ; Saturday 13 September: Party of the “Rione Fosso” ; Saturday September 20 th: Party of the “Rione Mexico” ; Sabato 27 September: party of the “Rione Carraia”.

You don’t need to book for the dinner . Enjoy 🙂



The European Market

The European Market in Pontedera is an event that takes place every year in late September.
In this market are displayed various local products from different European countries like Germany, Greece, France, Holland.
Stalls offer different products from the country and there are various categories: food, clothing, flowers, handicraft and jewelry.
It’s easy to get there, people come by car, by train or by bus.
I like this event because I like to try different food from ours and I think it’s great to spend an evening with friends and go shopping!

La Meridiana

(Di Chiara Volpi)

La Meridiana

La Meridiana is a restaurant in Ponsacco where you can eat a great pizza, cooked in a wooden fire oven.
When I was there I ate the Pisana pizza and that’s my favorite!
The staff is very helpfull and fast and the place is relaxing.
I like eating there because you can have a relaxing and very good dinner.
I recommend it!

The festival of ‘schiacciata’

This festival is held every year at the time of Easter. It is a tradition of many centuries ago.The schiacciata is made by the local people and you must come here to taste it. It has a special savour and is delicious. The recipe of the schiacciata is not very difficult ,but it takes a long time to prepare and needs a lot of patience. There are various stalls which sell various articles like antiques , hand made articles and other local souvenirs. There is a spirit of gaiety and laughter and there are some comedians for children. Sometimes the local people put up a small play which is about mundane life, people and local customs. The entrance for this festival is free for all adults and children.

This year the festival was on the 13th of April and it started at 10.30 in the morning with a brief inauguration by the Pro loco of Montecastello. Lunch and dinner could be savoured in the local premises at a small cost. The schiacciata could be tasted and bought too as well as local artisan food products. There was an exhibition of photos of Montecastello-past and present. There was a floral exhibition and sale of plants and a view of old cars of the 50’s and 60’s too. There was a lucky dip for beneficience. There was also a trekking trip planned,to explore the rugged paths of Montecastello- San Gervasio. From 3-5 p.m. there was the Veglia of Montecastello, near the church, where the old people of Montecastello relate anecdotes and stories of their youth, making people laugh and cry. This year there was a small musical band and folk music with a well known singers Lisetta and Marta to the music of a guitar and mandolin. At  21.15 one could observe the stars and astronomers could feast their eyes with binoculars on a glittering sky full of stars and planets from the cemetery park with no lights.

Free Transport- navetta bus from the cineplex of Pontedera to Montecastello was organised and also there was ample parking space near the cemetry for cars.

I would highly recommend this festival and suggest you to visit Montecastello for this schiacciata festival next year.

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The most important festival in Peccioli are the “Rioni”, there are four “Rioni”, called Fosso, Messico, Borgherucci, and Carraia.
They are held every Saturday of September.
Each Saturday Peccioli chooses a theme for exemple this year the themes were the colors, the savannah, the military and the aliens.
There is a typical dinner around the town’s streets.
Dinner is without reservation and is self-service, with the fixed cost of 10 €.
The food is typical of Tuscany. Bevarages such as water and wine are free.
After dinner in the village square there are various types of music, such as commercial for the teenagers an and 70/80 music for the elderly.
It’s a nice opportunity to meet new people and have fun together, I invite anyone to attend at least once in your life


Festa in Castello

The “Festa in Castello” is a traditional event of “food and wine”, music, theater and history, that has taken place in Soiana since 1997, during the last week of august every year.

In this week of festival you can find a lot of different stands all around the village: there are stands where you can taste and purchase wine and local food, there’s a charity stand, and in addition there is an exhibition of vintage Vespas and a little museum, set for the event, of antiques. There’s a Sangria stand too.

In the square there is the food stand where you can have dinner, there is a wide choice of typical local food, from meat to fish, and every night there is a special dish.

After dinner you can have fun with music and dancing or with a cabaret show, in fact every night there is a different program and the bar service stays open all night.10467003_10202201015849760_5328440213450348274_o

This year, in the XVII edition, “The Games of the Villages” were re-introduced, an old tradition of the village where the neighboring villages challenge each other. The event is aimed at entertaining people and reviving the old traditions.

The games are diveded into two steps, the first one is the theme parade, where each village organize a parade with a theme of their choice; the second step consists in a challenge of ability games.

Eating here isn’t very expensive, and the quality of food and wine is absolutely great!

The cost of entry is free.

Tuesday 26 August

  • 7.00 p.m. “Gioco del Panforte”

  • 10.00 p.m. Parade of overture “Games of Fraction” and presentation of the teams.

Wednesday 27 August

  • 9.00 a.m. Starting of Traditional Village Fair

  • 9.30 p.m. Dancing in the square with the “Luna Folk”

Thursday 28 August

  • 9.30 p.m. “Games of Fractions”

Friday 29 August

  • 9.30 p.m. evening comedy with “Massimo Antichi”

  • 10.40 p.m. Dancing music/ Entertainment

Saturday 30 August

  • 4.00 a.m. Treasure hunt for children

  • 9.30 p.m. Dancing in the square

Sunday 31 August

  • 9.30 p.m. Disco 70/80’s and 90’s with “Randy DJ”

    (ex Disco WAIKIKI – Pontedera)


Palio of Bientina



imageOne of the most important events in Bientina is the Palio. It’s a famous horse race, where jockeys have to run aroud the square of Bientina. There are nine districts, each one has a different color. The district that wins receives a “cencio” and lots of money. The “cencio” is a painting made on a canvas and usually it represents horses, churches, districts and jockeys. The price for the tickets is 15€ for the tribuns and 10€ for the square. If you come by car you can park it in the parkings nearby and it’s free. The night before the Palio in each district there are some dinners where people can take part and they sing tipical choirs. I love this event, because since I was a child, I have always watched this race and it’s an important tradition in Bientina and the inhabitants love it.

Bird Fair

The bird fair takes place in Capannoli.
It is held once a year exactly every second Sunday of September.
It was made for the first time in 1960; nowaday it’s felt so much by the people who live in and around Capannoli.
Because of this fair, a lot of the streets of the town are closed and it’s not easy to get there: there aren’t special parkings so you have to leave your car in a normal car park that could be far from the entrance of the fair; fortunately, during this day, there is a free shuttle-bus service that takes you near the entrance.
To get in you have to pay a sum of money that is around 3 euros.
Once that you are inside, you can see a lot of stalls that display mainly birds but also other animals and items; there is music, a lot of people and you can eat together there too.
The groups of people that are more attracted by this fair are the hunters because they are experts of birds and they know many species of them; others are attracted thanks to many advertisements that you can find in nearby places and also for the partecipation of a famous person that is called by the municipality every year.

Fiera degli uccelli

The country culture festival


The country culture festival takes place in Montefoscoli.
It begins on Saturday 28th June afternoon at 18.00 with some stalls selling do it yourself items and food.
In the “Miravalle” garden there is tea trekking and archery.
In the church square there is music with a DJ called Alessio.
Around the streets there is music with Castellana band and show with elf “Karacongiolo”.
In the “Pietro Calvetti” there is a panforte game.
At 20.00 dinner in the streets and in the “Gelso” square there is the singer Paola Bivona and Brothers in law and at 21.00 there is Osvaldo Carretta in “Maraviglia delle meraviglie”.
The Sunday 29th June this party begins at 15.00 with tea trekking in the “Miravalle” garden and some stalls around the streets.
At 19.00 dinner in the streets and at 21.00 in the “Miravalle” garden there is a show with fire with Manuel and in the “Gelso” square music with Jackie’s friends.

Palio of Siena

The event that I chose is the Palio di Siena. It’s a race between horses which takes place in Siena.
It’s a race between the 17 districts with different colors. The winner of the race will win an award called “rag” or a banner symbolizing victory.
The day before the race in each district there is a dinner, where people sing for their colors and have fun.
It is a well-known event throughout Italy and much loved. In fact, many people each year go to Siena to see the Palio and it is also broadcast on television. It has a very old tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages. I really like it, I have never been to see the Palio in Siena but I’ve always seen it on TV. Actually, I like to see every type of horse racing!