Palio in Bientina

Palio in Bientina is an event that takes place in the third week of the month of july, every year, and it is a horse race around the square. The week before the Palio, on saturday all nine districts unthread in a historical procession, and a jury chooses the winner.

On friday of the following week every district organizes a dinner where guests are “contradaioli” (people from the district). On saturday there is a “Cena della Vigilia”, every district organizes a dinner, where guests are all the people that live in the district and their friends. In this night in every district there is a dj, the jockey’s presentation, and people dancing. At the end of the dinner the people reach the square and stick around that all night.

On sunday, in the morning there is a Mass on the square, where the district that won the Palio the year before parade around the square. At 6 p.m. the Palio starts. It is separated into two batteries and the final.

People can watch this race on the square, the people of every district watch the race on the platform, there are three platforms around the square and they are separated in nine parts for every district.

The price on the square is €8,00. On the platform it is €13,00

I love this event, in this month the people who live in Bientina are excited for the same reason and they are all united. And every district works for the whole year for this event, organizing a festival and party.

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My family and I often go to a restaurant in Buti. It is near the square, the rooms are simple and old, but are very welcoming and the atmosphere is pleasant. They serve the typical dishes, but there are also so many types of dishes you can choose. The owner is a friend of my parents and also his family that works in the kitchen, so when we go there we spend a good evening, the waiters are very helpful.                                                                                                                                                                     When my sister and I go there we always order the same dish, ravioli and potato dumplings with walnuts.                                                 Prices are very affordable, you spend what you would spend in a pizzeria, so it is better to enjoy a delicious meal in a restaurant at the same price.