Our Comenius trip to Portugal


Chinese Restaurant “La Fortuna”

Yesterday i went for dinner to the Chinese restaurant in Pontedera called “La Fortuna” . When you arrive in front of the restaurant you can see the shining Chinese lanterns and other beautiful typical decorations. Entering inside you find square tables each one prepared with white cloth, Chinese dishes with painted blue dragons, multicolored glasses and steel cutlery. On the floor you walk on precious hand-made carpet and on the ceiling you can observe yourself in a large and clear mirror. I suggest to anyone to enjoy the typical and delicious Chinese food.

Casa Masi

The Restaurant Casa Masi is in Montaione on the Chianti hills.

They make typical Tuscany food ; plates are presented in a particular and original way. The black truffle is the main ingredient of this restaurant and wine of high quality is really appreciated.
The restaurant is laid out like a peasant civilization museum.
The staff is kind, polite and smart.
In summer they set up tables in a “limonaia” : there are a lot of lemon trees that create a good smell and a relaxed atmosphere.
This restaurant is really expensive but I recommend it to everybodyristorante2 limonaia vino.
 A perfect meal.