Bird Fair

The bird fair takes place in Capannoli.
It is held once a year exactly every second Sunday of September.
It was made for the first time in 1960; nowaday it’s felt so much by the people who live in and around Capannoli.
Because of this fair, a lot of the streets of the town are closed and it’s not easy to get there: there aren’t special parkings so you have to leave your car in a normal car park that could be far from the entrance of the fair; fortunately, during this day, there is a free shuttle-bus service that takes you near the entrance.
To get in you have to pay a sum of money that is around 3 euros.
Once that you are inside, you can see a lot of stalls that display mainly birds but also other animals and items; there is music, a lot of people and you can eat together there too.
The groups of people that are more attracted by this fair are the hunters because they are experts of birds and they know many species of them; others are attracted thanks to many advertisements that you can find in nearby places and also for the partecipation of a famous person that is called by the municipality every year.

Fiera degli uccelli


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