Luminara of Saint Ranieri

Every year in the evening of June 16 the beautiful Luminara of San Ranieri, the Saint Patron of the city is celebrated in Pisa. The Luminara originated in 1688 when the urn containing the remains of Saint Ranieri was substituted with a more sumptuos and modern urn. To celebrate this change well the inhabitants of Pisa used bonfires and candles to light up the city.

This event is free, you only have to pay what you decide to eat and buy. The Luminara takes place on the “lungarni” in the city centre of Pisa; so if you want to partecipate you have to get there by car, train or bus to the railways station of Pisa centrale. In my opinion this event is one of the most beautiful and attractive for its fairy tale atmosphere recreated by candle light. To attract more visitors, from nearby villages and cities, the event could be advertised by local television, radio and by billboards and posters on the walls of the city. For those who live in Pisa this is a main event that can not be missed.


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