Amalia Laghi -Restaurant & cafè

“Amalia Laghi ” is located in Pontedera in front of the Braccini lake. It is without any doubt one of the best places to have dinner and spend time fo430510_179268275509680_956768365_nr a drink with your friends, thanks to the renowned location and  their contemporary restaurant decor.

It is advisable in the summer season when the temperature is good for relaxing on the outdoor sofas.

You can also rent an umbrella and a beach lounger for the whole day at 18€.

The speciality dish of the restaurant is the filet dressed with mushrooms or other types of sauces. I totally recommend it !

For more information:

Telephone: 393 952 0114

Facebook :

Opening of Amalia Cafè:1908353_461587770611061_8246696713402480306_n monday- friday: 18:00-23:00 /   weekend:12:00-24:00

Opening of Amalia Restaurant: monday-saturday: 20:00-  23:00   /  sunday: 12:30-23:00


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