Vicopisano’s Medieval Festival

One of the events in Tuscany that is my absolute favorite is the Vicopisano’s Medieval Festival, that has been carried out every year since 1996. It’s a theme festival that has become more and more characteristic over the years thanks to the reconstruction of the medieval location implemented by the organizers and participants of the festival. Vicopisano has a wonderful old town with narrow streets and passages, which helps it identify more and more into the festival. The district of the village is divided into four mains areas, which have a tavern each equipped with benches and wooden tables for dining and dishes cooked according to criteria and recipes of the time. Along the way there are rather small stands with sandwiches, cakes and red wine at will. In addition to that, there are many shows you can attend and have fun. Everyone is dressed in theme and in Vicopisano all the lights are suffused, so as to feel like an inhabitant of the village during the Middle Ages. I love this festival.

foto51111111 cenamedievale


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