La Torre

The restaurant La Torre is a traditional restaurant in Capannoli, Pisa.
It is located in an old villa of this village, so now the restaurant is old-fashioned but really relaxing and exciting!
The food is typical and regional and the cost is good value.
Finally, the staff is kind and helpful.
I love eating here because in this place you can spend a traditional and relaxing dinner.
I really recommend it!



Andrea Bocelli and the Theatre of Silence

The theatre of silence is a wonderful natural theatre, which is located in the Tuscan hills, in the countryside of the village of Lajatico. During the year this theatre is characterized only by the silence and suggestive landscape, and its name is due to this fact. Only once a year this silence is interrupted by the beautiful voice of Andrea Bocelli.


This event changes date every year but it usually takes places in the second half of July.
This show is not only a concert, but an artistic event too, because every year international singers and dancers take part in this event to perform in the show, and the best architects and artists make the sets.
The price of the ticket is from € 80 to € 400, it depends on the seat you have ( like in a concert).


Every year, this event brings thousands of tourist from all over the world in this land, thanks to the magnificent voice of Andrea Bocelli, who is well known all over the world. Also because there are other international singers and dancers, and finally because every year the artistic director can make unbelievable sets, lights and colors.
I love this event because I love music and I love my land, the landscape of Tuscany countryside, and this is a perfect combination of that !

Amalia Laghi -Restaurant & cafè

“Amalia Laghi ” is located in Pontedera in front of the Braccini lake. It is without any doubt one of the best places to have dinner and spend time fo430510_179268275509680_956768365_nr a drink with your friends, thanks to the renowned location and  their contemporary restaurant decor.

It is advisable in the summer season when the temperature is good for relaxing on the outdoor sofas.

You can also rent an umbrella and a beach lounger for the whole day at 18€.

The speciality dish of the restaurant is the filet dressed with mushrooms or other types of sauces. I totally recommend it !

For more information:

Telephone: 393 952 0114

Facebook :

Opening of Amalia Cafè:1908353_461587770611061_8246696713402480306_n monday- friday: 18:00-23:00 /   weekend:12:00-24:00

Opening of Amalia Restaurant: monday-saturday: 20:00-  23:00   /  sunday: 12:30-23:00

The shopping festival

On the 5th of september the shopping festival is taking place in Pontedera. It’ll be from 9.00pm to late night. Every year the municipality of Pontedera organizes this event to attract people from nearby towns and villages. This night the shops are decorated with stuff like balloons, ribbons and those invite people to come and have fun. In the streets there are different shows: people dance, sing or act. A special guest this year will be Moreno, a famous rap singer that won a singing competition in a TV music program. He’s really good! This event is free. Pubs and bars will set up tables on the streets and there will be different types of music in every corner of the city. I recommend this event to those who like this kind of event where you eat, dance and listen to good music. Enjoy.



Vicopisano’s Medieval Festival

One of the events in Tuscany that is my absolute favorite is the Vicopisano’s Medieval Festival, that has been carried out every year since 1996. It’s a theme festival that has become more and more characteristic over the years thanks to the reconstruction of the medieval location implemented by the organizers and participants of the festival. Vicopisano has a wonderful old town with narrow streets and passages, which helps it identify more and more into the festival. The district of the village is divided into four mains areas, which have a tavern each equipped with benches and wooden tables for dining and dishes cooked according to criteria and recipes of the time. Along the way there are rather small stands with sandwiches, cakes and red wine at will. In addition to that, there are many shows you can attend and have fun. Everyone is dressed in theme and in Vicopisano all the lights are suffused, so as to feel like an inhabitant of the village during the Middle Ages. I love this festival.

foto51111111 cenamedievale

1950 American Diner

I want to tell you about one of my favorite restaurants: 1950 American Diner, which is in Pontedera. I really love this restaurant because it’s like a dive into the past. The owner says: “The American dream has become reality”. And quite that. As soon as you enter the front door you feel in the 50s thanks to the typical sofas, the checkered floor, the music transmitted by the jukebox and waitresses in uniform and on roller skates. Let alone the Lincoln parked outside: one of the most famous cars of the era. Even the menu is the time: starting from onion’s rings, maxi hamburgers, donuts and milkshakes. It is not even very expensive as a restaurant and being really welcoming you can spend a lot of time there with your family or your friends.


Miss grandmother 2014

Miss Grandmother is a beauty contest that takes place in Santo Pietro Belvedere on august 2.
The Grandmothers walk on the catwalk and speak with the goal to win the sash of Miss Grandmother. The sexiest, the most amusing, the best dancer and the most elegant grandmothers are also awarded special prizes.
The ticket to participate costs 5 euros for children and 10 euros for the adults.
The event takes place in the sports centre in front of the middle school, and to get there you just need to follow the road signs.
The parking lot for cars and mopeds is in front of the sporting centre and is free.
To attract visitors Paolo Ruffini and David Pratelli have been invited to the event and fliers have been printed and distributed.
They have also organized a dinner and also prepared a small café.
This event is very amusing and you can take advantage of the occasion to spend an amusing evening with your friends.

fd                  50-missnonna-2014-santopietro-capannoli-miss-nonna

The White Night in Pontedera

The White Night in Pontedera is an events organized by the municipality and the shop-owners of Pontedera which takes place every year in early September. Each year the traders and the municipality welcome many visitors from the neighboring cities.

This event is very interesting because every store which participates in the event is open until late at night and this is very nice especially for young people.

Traders are able to create a more exciting atmosphere every year. There are concerts, mini markets, demonstrations of dancing and singing.

Every year more and more people are participating in this event where you can see real live concerts, which you obviously do not have to pay for.

We can reach Pontedera by car, bus or train, but it is recommended to arrive early to be able to park your car near the centre or to enjoy a meal with friends. But don’t worry because in Pontedera there is also a free shuttle service!

I like this event because every year I can see how much effort traders put in the details.

  The course of Pontedera 

The handwheel of the White Night

A concert in Pontedera

Scalo 34 Restaurant

I love “Scalo 34”, it’s in Marina di Pisa , it’s really relaxed, luxurious, cosy, welcoming and stylish. It’s also modern and contemporary. The food is delicious, for example I love baked fish, it’s tasty and healthy. The staff is friendly, kind and when there are a few people it’s also funny! And.. When the bill comes? The restaurant is neither the cheapest in our area nor the most expensive, we can say that the price is good value.

Truffle Festival

The first truffle festival in San Miniato was carried out in October 1969.
Every year there is a kind of competition to seek the biggest truffle, in fact people say that whoever seeks a truffle.. finds a treasure! It’s really true, because the truffle is very expensive and really precious.
In the history of the biggest truffle in the world there is a very significant part because in 1954 Arturo Galliani found the biggest truffle that weighed 2,520kg. Can you imagine how much it cost?
This year the truffle festival will take place on 15-16/22-23/29-30 november and on 6-7-8 december!
Over the years the festival has grown and has become today on internationally recognized exhibition: together with the white truffle, other local products such as wine, cheese, and cold cuts, make the truffle festival an important showcase for our area where tourists go for a walk and taste the fresh truffle. Many foreign and Italian tourists take part in this event, it’s for all those who love truffles.
If you like to have a truffle experience you can do it with any “tartufaio” , you walk in the woods for truffle hunting with tasting based on fresh truffle, and the price? It’s about € 70 per person ( if you want to do this experience in the woods I recommend you to wear old clothes and boots) but if you just want to visit the truffle exhibition you can do it! I love this event because I love truffles !! It’s my favourite food, and I eat it with pasta, meat, eggs, it’s delicious 😋