The Fratres festival of blood donors is an event that usually takes place in the last week of June (or very rarely of July) in Treggiaia, a little countryside village near Pontedera. It is mainly is a festival for raise money for the association of blood donors called Fratres, that gives a big part of the proceeds to charity earned organizing the square of Treggiaia as a normal fest, but I see it like an occasion to sponsor our excellent village food too : we make a delicious ragout sauce !

The price of the meal changes depending on what you order (for exemple a plate of pasta with ragout sauce, a beefsteak and some fries make 16€). For more information like a telephone number or an e-mail, you can find them on the official Internet site of the Fratres association; you can also find the other places where the Fratres organize this kind of fests.

The only flaw, is that the place isn’t well-known, then the AIDA steps can not be used at best;

the only thing that we have to sponsor are the flyers and a little-known website and the interest is low, because it is a fest as another, but we can give the visitors a big desire to visit our calm and peaceful landscape, and for the action part, we have a new event for each night : the bingo, concerts and dances. I love the night of the dancers, every year they are more spectacular about the Hip-Hop part. Luckily, this year, there have been more than 200 people per night over 6 nights !


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