Rioni Festival

Rioni festival is a characteristic event, that it takes place for 4 weekend in september, every year, in Peccioli. Peccioli is a small country in the hills of Valdera, in the province of Pisa. This event is organized by citizens of Peccioli to celebrate their streets of the country where you can eat and drink the local food and wine. After dinner around the country turns in games for children, disco for young people and dances for adults. Rioni are : Borgherucci, Messico, Fosso and Carraia, each has its own theme and the citizens compete for who organizes the most beautiful. This year it start on 6 september with Borgherucci and the theme is : the jungle. If you like a festivals where eat, drink, dance and spend a little money, I recommend you this event. It’s an excellent opportunity to visit the country and see the landscape of hills. 


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