Lucca Comics

ImmagineThis Event is one of the most famous and biggest festivals dedicated to comics, movies, manga, anime…

It’s in Lucca, into and on the city walls, every year from the 30th of October to the 2nd of November.

There are a lot of stands with the best and rare items of different categories, every day of the festival, there is a special guest star, for example last year there was a really good make-up artist who made up the main caracters of Hunger Games.

The last day of Lucca comics is celebrated with a big stage with music and the prize for the best mask.

Why don’t you wear a mask too?  You can also invent it and if it’s really good, don’t be surprised to see people who take pictures of you!

Into the walls, you can find a lot of restaurants and cafes, may be for a break, and don’t forget to visit Lucca’s classical attractions like the amphitheatre square!Lucca-Comics-gli-stand-espositivi-2010Lucca-Piazza-Anfiteatro-1

Admission is free, but all the stands with comics and movies have an entrance fee, you can buy the ticket all over the city (adults 15€-under ten 6€)


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