The Palio of Perignano was founded in 1985 to celebrate the centenary of the Church of Saint Lucia of Perignano. The Palio of Perignano is divided into three events: the Minipalio for the kids and guys under 18, the Folks Parades and the Palio of the Scales for people over 18. There will be various games played by six districts (Casaccia, Castello, Quattro Strade, Spinelli, Tre Vie e Viale). Each event will take place in the Berlinguer square.


Saturday, September 13
21.00 Opening XXX Palio of the Districts
21.10 Folks Parades

Sunday, September 14
15.30 Minipalio
21.00 Palio of the Scales

Price: 5 €

For more information:
Telephone: 328 469 1806
Email: perignaneseassociazione@gmail.com
Web site: http://www.associazioneperignanese.it

There will be events with a lot of competition and enthusiasm, we look forward to having fun together!




The Fratres festival of blood donors is an event that usually takes place in the last week of June (or very rarely of July) in Treggiaia, a little countryside village near Pontedera. It is mainly is a festival for raise money for the association of blood donors called Fratres, that gives a big part of the proceeds to charity earned organizing the square of Treggiaia as a normal fest, but I see it like an occasion to sponsor our excellent village food too : we make a delicious ragout sauce !

The price of the meal changes depending on what you order (for exemple a plate of pasta with ragout sauce, a beefsteak and some fries make 16€). For more information like a telephone number or an e-mail, you can find them on the official Internet site of the Fratres association; you can also find the other places where the Fratres organize this kind of fests.

The only flaw, is that the place isn’t well-known, then the AIDA steps can not be used at best;

the only thing that we have to sponsor are the flyers and a little-known website and the interest is low, because it is a fest as another, but we can give the visitors a big desire to visit our calm and peaceful landscape, and for the action part, we have a new event for each night : the bingo, concerts and dances. I love the night of the dancers, every year they are more spectacular about the Hip-Hop part. Luckily, this year, there have been more than 200 people per night over 6 nights !

Luminara di San Ranieri

Luminara di San Ranieri.
16 June, after sundown.

The magical Luminara di San Ranieri takes place every 16 June on the Pisan riverfront. It’s a tradition that dates back to 1688.
A lot of small glass-enclosed candles are suspended from white wooden frames whose outlines follow the forms of the architecture- the buildings, bridges, churches and towers of the riverfront- they’re attached to.
It’s an unforgettable sight, and after sundown the fireworks start.

foto (3)

Rachele Bensi.

Rioni Festival

Rioni festival is a characteristic event, that it takes place for 4 weekend in september, every year, in Peccioli. Peccioli is a small country in the hills of Valdera, in the province of Pisa. This event is organized by citizens of Peccioli to celebrate their streets of the country where you can eat and drink the local food and wine. After dinner around the country turns in games for children, disco for young people and dances for adults. Rioni are : Borgherucci, Messico, Fosso and Carraia, each has its own theme and the citizens compete for who organizes the most beautiful. This year it start on 6 september with Borgherucci and the theme is : the jungle. If you like a festivals where eat, drink, dance and spend a little money, I recommend you this event. It’s an excellent opportunity to visit the country and see the landscape of hills. 

Lucca Comics

ImmagineThis Event is one of the most famous and biggest festivals dedicated to comics, movies, manga, anime…

It’s in Lucca, into and on the city walls, every year from the 30th of October to the 2nd of November.

There are a lot of stands with the best and rare items of different categories, every day of the festival, there is a special guest star, for example last year there was a really good make-up artist who made up the main caracters of Hunger Games.

The last day of Lucca comics is celebrated with a big stage with music and the prize for the best mask.

Why don’t you wear a mask too?  You can also invent it and if it’s really good, don’t be surprised to see people who take pictures of you!

Into the walls, you can find a lot of restaurants and cafes, may be for a break, and don’t forget to visit Lucca’s classical attractions like the amphitheatre square!Lucca-Comics-gli-stand-espositivi-2010Lucca-Piazza-Anfiteatro-1

Admission is free, but all the stands with comics and movies have an entrance fee, you can buy the ticket all over the city (adults 15€-under ten 6€)

Restaurant “Le Bucine Basso”


This Restaurant is located in Cevoli, a really small town, near Lari and Casciana Terme (this is the adress:”Via del Commercio n°210 Cevoli Lari C.a.p 56035 (PI)”).

Here you can try typical Tuscan food like ravioli, pasta, steak, fresh vegetables, cheese  which are really tasty, because the chefs make it with fantasy and innovation!

The staff is quick, kind and the room is stylish and fashionable. 100_1512-2

Here is an example of the variety menu made for a special event.

menu delitto 12 09 14 -

If you know some recipes of the Italian cuisine, you can see how many high quality food are in this menu!

The last advice on this restaurant, is that in reality it’s also an Agritourism, so you can stay in their beautiful rooms, and if you want to have fun, visit their swimming pool!


Strawberry Festival

The strawberry festival is an event in Terricciola which usually takes place in May for two weekends. This village is located in the countryside so many people grow strawberries. There are some stalls where you can sample or buy strawberries with cream and chocolate. On the evening there is a themed dinner in the park, for example you can eat meat or pasta with strawberry sauce. That’s really good. For dance lovers, at 22.00 a band starts to play music for everybody, even children. To get there, you must follow the signs for this event because it’s well promoted, in fact there are many signs in the villages near Terricciola and while you drive you can see them.

If you like local food or visit small villages, i recommend to visit this festival because people are very welcoming and the food is simple but delicious. You can spend a different day.