Sagra della Nozza

Sagra della Nozza is a festival that originated in Calcinaia. It is the presentation and sale of Calcinaia local desserts. It takes place in the main town square on the third Sunday of May. There’s a large market with plenty of food, live music, and entertainment. If you want to get there you must take the FIPILI Pontedera exit and follow the signs to Calcinaia. There’s plenty of parking in the outskirts of town. I recommend you to park the car there and visit the center on foot.
I highly recommend you come to enjoy the Festival and visit the charming town that is decorated with lights and flags. I recommend tasting Nozza with cream and strawberries. The promoters have devised a book that explains the history of the festival, the production of Nozza, the historic race, and the history of the Patron Saint.
There are a lot of posters in all the streets of the neighboring towns indicating the date and the time of the Festival.


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