Chinese restaurant “La felicità” (Pontedera)

Yesterday i went to the Chinese restaurant,”La felicità”, with a friend of mine. The staff was very helpful, funny and the service was quick. The dining area is traditional and welcoming. There are many designs of dragons carved in wood. The food is delicious and traditional. Yesterday i had “spring rolls” and “seafood rice dumplings”. The atmosphere is relaxing and perfect and they are reasonably prices. We enjoyed it and i have recommended it to many people.


O’ Vesuvio pizzeria

Yesterday I went to a restaurant in town: it’s called “O’Vesuvio”. I’d never been there before. My friends said that it’s well worth it, so I decided to try it once. It’s a great pizzeria! When you come in you smell a fantastic perfume of Pizza. Inside it’s cosy and colorful. The chefs cook near the tables; that’s awesome! The tables are a lot and very well laid out. The staff was kind, quick and friendly. The food was delicius and good value; the cost was right. I really recommend this restaurant to anyone. A perfect dinner.



This restaurant is located near an artificial lake, it is very charming and cosy and the owner is very friendly and welcoming.The staff is very efficient and helpful.The food is all Italian, delicious and fresh with a variety of pasta, seafood, meat and vegetable dishes.The wine is excellent and the prices of food and wine are reasonable. One can spend a romantic evening having a meal here and can also celebrate occasions like birthdays, baptisms, first communions, wedding anniversaries. I higly recommend this restaurant to anyone who wishes to have a good Italian meal with good wine and a charming atmosphere.The desserts are scrumptuous and their cakes for special occasions are out of the world.

I recommend the local restaurant “OSASIS” to all those who like good food in a friendly atmosphere.

The following table shows the various aspects.

⇒ COST: approxemetly 20€ x person

⇒ FOODsea food, meat, pizzas, pasta

⇒ STAFF: helpful, friendly, efficient

⇒ ATMOSPHERE: friendly, cosy, romantic, lively, vibrant

Restaurant “Da Carlo”

This restaurant would be a great place to take your family for a dinner.  I was there some weeks ago and when we arrived a waiter showed us where our table was. If you want you can eat outside, where there is a very beatiful garden. You can eat traditional Tuscan dishes, in a familiar atmosphere. The starter is made up of an enormous and varied buffet from fish to meat. After that you can order your first and second course. I love the desserts that you can eat here, they are delicious and fresh, infact they don’t buy them from another place but the desserts are home made.  The price is reasonable and it’s in relation to the quality of their food. I really recommend this restaurant to all those who want to enjoy a delicious meal in a quiet atmosphere.

La Vallata

Last week I went to “La Vallata”, a restaurant near my village, where we can eat typical Tuscan food. I went with my parents, the atmosphere was fantastic and very agreeable, we could enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Volterra hills.The staff was really friendly, funny and very helpful. We ate pasta with meat sauce (Ragù), Fiorentina steak with chips and Tiramisù. The food was delicious and fresh, we didn’t wait a long time to eat, the chefs were very fast to prepare the meals. The prices are reasonable, we didn’t spend a lot. I really recommend the restaurant to all those who want to eat typical food and want to see a beautiful landscape.



My family and I often go to a restaurant in Buti. It is near the square, the rooms are simple and old, but are very welcoming and the atmosphere is pleasant. They serve the typical dishes, but there are also so many types of dishes you can choose. The owner is a friend of my parents and also his family that works in the kitchen, so when we go there we spend a good evening, the waiters are very helpful.                                                                                                                                                                     When my sister and I go there we always order the same dish, ravioli and potato dumplings with walnuts.                                                 Prices are very affordable, you spend what you would spend in a pizzeria, so it is better to enjoy a delicious meal in a restaurant at the same price.


American Bar

I went there with my family. It is near my village. The staff is friendly and also funny with everybody. When we arrived, we were well received. The place and the atmosphere are good, it isn’t too formal. The chef is fantastic, the food is delicious and not expensive. The dish that I love to eat there is pizza because it is prepared very well. The room is big and traditional so you can have your privacy. I really recommend it to everybody especially to those who love traditional food or restaurants.

La Civetta

Yesterday I went to “La Civetta”, a typical Italian restaurant where they serve traditional Tuscan dishes. When we arrived there the staff was friendly. The food is delicuous and extremely fresh. We started with Pizza and after that we ordered T-bone steak. The cost is reasonably priced. This restaurant is very beautiful and they have good reviews. I recomend this restaurant to those who love eating traditional Tuscan food.

The web site:


American Bar

The restaurant where I had a memorable meal is “American Bar”, in Ponsacco.
There, I often take the takeaway pizza, because it’s fantastic and very cheap.
The staff is experienced, the atmosphere is quiet and the room is traditionally laid out.
A day, I had dinner there, with pasta with salmon. It was delicious!
I was served by a really friendly and helpful waitress, and I payed a reasonable price.
I often go back there with my friends, and sometimes I take this dish again.
If you want to go there, the address is: Via buozzi, 22 – 56038 – Ponsacco (PI)
You can book a table calling  0587.735089

Agriturismo Colleoli

I can remember when I went to Agriturismo Colleoli. It’s a very good restaurant! You can eat a very good type of pasta, spaghetti, tortellini, tagliatelle and typical Tuscan dishes. The atmosphere is very traditional and very modern, the decor is very classic and gorgeous. About the staff I can say that they are very helpful and nice. There are a lot of animals, you can see ducks, horses, cows, and you can go horse riding.

I have recommnded it to all people who like Tuscan dishes and who like spending a day with their famiiy in the beautiful countryside.

The internet address is ” “, so have a look!